Earn/Win MNC

On this page I’ll start sharing links of several types of sites:

– Faucets (free giveaway, just enter your payment address and receive MNC).

– Gambling Sites (some type of lotto or wager to win more coin).

– Work for Coin (do a task like web-browsing, chatting, etc. to earn coin).


Vircurpool MNC Faucet:  Note, this faucet is only up at certain times of day. Currently the reward is 1MNC per day, assuming the owner turns it on that day. This is run by the owner of the vircurpool.com MNC mining pool.

Gambling Sites

CryptoLotto:  This website isn’t just for MNC, but the concept is simple. You buy one or more “tickets” in a fast-running lottery. For example, tickets for a 2 MNC payout lotto cost 0.29 MNC each, and 8 tickets are available. You can buy as many as you want, but obviously if you bought all 8 tickets it would cost you more than the winnings. Still, if you play the odds intelligently you can make a LOT of coin here.

BitGrenade: Bitgrenade is a BitPotato clone (which involves LTC) that accepts MNC, LTC, GLD (goldcoin) and WLD (worldcoin). You buy a grenade, get someone to buy it off of you (generally by advertising in mcxnow.com’s chat) and receive profit. If nobody buys it in the allotted time, it explodes and you receive a consolation prize instead.


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