A great way to turn a few coins into a lot of coins is by trading them, similar to the way a day trader would trade penny stocks. Exchanges allow you to deposit funds and then buy and sell between various coins or currencies. There is currently only one exchange trading MNC. See below for links to it as well as other exchanges that trade coins besides MNC.

MNC Exchanges – This is honestly my favorite exchange currently out there, an opinion I’d have even if they didn’t trade MNC. The community is friendly, the chat box is fun, and currently the owner is even running a lotto where you have a chance to win 2 MNC every 10 min just for chatting in the chat box. So far I’ve quadrupled my MNC just using the “buy low, sell high” mantra.

Other Exchanges – Out of the major exchanges, I tend to prefer this one over BTER or Mt. Gox, simply because the interface is clean and it just strikes me as a slightly “higher class” operation. Major downside is that the chat box (aka “troll box”) can be very, very annoying. I recommend you ignore it, especially when people are giving investment advice. This is a Russian site, making some of the error messages incomprehensible. – This exchange carries some slightly less popular alt coins such as Bitbar (BTB) among others. A Chinese site, sometimes the error messages are impossible to read, but overall it’s fairly painless to trade here.


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